FogBugz 7 Online Help

Setting Due Dates

Optionally, any case can be given a due date and time. This is as easy as clicking on the calendar and choosing a date, then clicking on the clock and choosing a time.

To make it even easier to set due dates, you can simply type certain English phrases in the due date box. When you leave the due date box, FogBugz then tries to interpret what you typed. All of the following examples will be interpreted as expected:

the day after tomorrow
in 3 days
in 1 week
next friday
march 1
12/30 (or 30.12 outside the USA)
12/30/2006 (or 30.12.2006 outside the USA)

In the "time" field you can either enter a time, or type things like:

in 1 hour
in 3 hours

Once you've entered due dates, you can:

You can set up FogBugz so that incoming email is automatically given a due date, for example, to insure that customers receive a response within one business day.