FogBugz 7 Online Help

URL Trigger Plugin

The URL Trigger Plugin allows you to specify an HTTP request to be sent to a specific URL when events occur in FogBugz. To create a URLTrigger, select one or more events that your trigger will respond to, then add values to the URL querystring using a list of variables presented by the plugin.

To get started, first make sure you have the URL Trigger Plugin installed (Installation instructions). If it is installed, it will be available as an option in the Admin menu next to your name. From the URL Trigger page, you'll be able to create and edit custom URL triggers, import or export triggers and view the log of trigger activity.

To create a trigger, click Add New Trigger and specify the following:

Event Types

You can create triggers which fire on any of the following event types:

URL With Parameters

Once you've subscribed to a set of events, you can specify the URL to which the request will be sent, and attach one or more variables provided by those events to the querystring. The list of available variables will change dynamically depending on which events you've selected.

Filter Criteria

If you'd only like a request to be sent if a certain set of conditions are met, you can also choose to apply a filter, a logical expression containing one or more variables. A request will only be sent if the logical expression evulates to TRUE.