FogBugz 7 Online Help

Custom Fields Plugin

The Custom Fields plugin allows FogBugz administrators to easily add new fields to cases. Fields can be any of the following types:

Custom fields are indexed just like the built-in fields. Each custom field is searched using its Field Name as the axis. If you create the "severity" example below, you can find all cases that cause crashes by searching for severity:"1"

Creating custom fields

To set up fields, Site | Plugins and click the configure icon next to Custom Fields. If you don't see it listed, install it. Click "Add New Custom Field" and fill in the following information:

  1. Give the field a name.
  2. Enter a description which will be used as the tooltip when a user hovers over the field.
  3. Choose whether the field should be displayed at the top of the case or the left side. Fields on the left side can be hidden when they have no value, just like built-in fields.
  4. Choose a data type. The following types have additional options:
  5. For each case editor mode (Create, Edit, Resolve, Close and Public submission), choose whether you want to show the field and whether it is editable.

Clicking OK creates the field and takes you back to the list. The Custom Fields are shown grouped by location. When you have more than one field in a location, you can click the arrows to set the order they appear in cases.


Create a severity field to indicate the extent of a bug.

Add a User Story field for Scrum development.