FogBugz 7 Online Help

Working Through a List of Cases

Often, you want to work through a list of cases—checking that they are assigned to the right person, re-evaluating their priorities, etc.

The small arrows at the top left corner of each case can be used to move backwards and forwards through the list of cases defined by the current filter or search results:

FogBugz remembers the original list of cases and their order, so that as you scroll through cases, even if you're doing something which removes them from the filter or which changes their order, you can still use the Next button to visit each case from the filter exactly once.

The arrows will not appear if you're looking at a case that is not a part of the current filter or search results.

There are keyboard shortcuts: press Ctrl+; then [ for Previous. Press Ctrl+; then ] for Next.

Go through a list of changed cases

To go through all new cases and all cases which have changed since you last saw them, search for show:unread.

Open a list of cases in tabs (Mozilla Firefox)

If you use Mozilla Firefox as your web browser, this trick lets you instantly open all the cases from a saved filter in tabs:

1. Make sure the current filter is saved.

2. Click on the RSS feed icon under Filter Tools:

3. Subscribe using Live Bookmarks:

4. Use a memorable name and create the live bookmark in the Bookmarks Toolbar Folder:

5. Firefox will give you a pull-down menu on your bookmarks toolbar which lists all open cases in the filter. The last item on this menu opens each case in its own tab:

This trick eliminates the wait for page loads. As you work through each case, you can simply close the tab and go to the next one almost instantly (Ctrl+W) instead of waiting for the FogBugz server.

You can right-click on the bookmark and choose "Reload Live Bookmark" to update the list of cases cached in Firefox.