FogBugz 7 Online Help


FogBugz tags allow you to assign searchable keywords to cases and wiki pages. To assign tags to a case, just start typing a tag name into the "Tags" field in the case view. As you type, you'll be presented with "auto-complete" results that allow you select an existing tag:

You can select one of these tags, or create a brand new one by typing it in completely and hitting the space bar or tab key (tags cannot contain whitespace).

You can also add tags to a wiki page by editing the page and entering tags into the "Tags" field at the bottom of the page:

Using tags to find what you're looking for in the grid view

Use the "Select Columns" control in the grid view to view the tags column. Now you can easily see how cases are tagged, as well as sort by tag:

Searching by tag is especially useful, as it provides a means of "instant recall." For example, if you have a few cases you'd like to discuss in a weekly team meeting, you could tag them all "team_meeting." Then, at the meeting, just search for "tag: team_meeting."

Viewing all tags on your FogBugz site

Using the "Tags" screen (accessed by clicking the Tags item in the Reports menu), you can view an easily searchable list of all tags in use on your FogBugz site.