FogBugz 7 Online Help

Saved Filters

You can save filters, just like bookmarks in a web browser, to go back to a particular list of cases quickly.

Once you have your filter set up exactly the way you want it, click on the Save Filter control and type a name for the filter.

The saved filter will be available from the Filters menu at the top of the screen. Saving your filter will also save the current column layout so you'll see everything the same way when you load it again.

To modify or delete saved filters, click on the Filters menu and choose Manage saved filters.

Sharing filters

If you are logged onto FogBugz as an adminstrator, you can create filters that the whole team can use. Create the filter, then go to the Manage saved filters screen, find the filter you want to share, and then click the Shared checkbox. This filter will now appear on all users' Filters menu.

Search results vs. filter results

When you search for things in FogBugz using the Search box, FogBugz temporarily shows you a list of items that match the search terms, not the list of cases from your filter. As soon as you click List again, you're back to looking at the bugs that match your filter.

It is also possible to add a search term to a filter, so it only includes cases that match the term:

Subscribing to filters with RSS

Once a filter is saved, you can subscribe to it using an RSS reader. RSS readers make it possible for you to keep up with changes in the filter in an automated manner that's easier than checking FogBugz manually.

See also RSS Feeds.