FogBugz 7 Online Help

Types of FogBugz Users

There are four kinds of user account in FogBugz.


A normal FogBugz user. Normal users have access to cases, wikis, discussion groups and reports as determined by permissions.


An administrator has permission to do anything in FogBugz:

Administrators are notified of FogBugz errors as well as new versions available for download at the top of any page when they log in.

There is one built-in Administrator account that comes with FogBugz. This account is free: for example, if you purchase licenses for 10 users, you can actually have 11 accounts. This account can be deleted if there is at least one other active administrator account. This account's properties (such as full name and email address) can be changed at any time. In addition, any other user can be promoted to administrator status.

Note: In addition to sitewide administrators, FogBugz also lets you designate any user as an administrator over a particular group, project, wiki, or discussion group. See Permissions.


A virtual user can't log on and doesn't use up a license. Its pupose is to allow assigning of cases to a group of people instead of an individual. For example, you could create an "Up For Grabs" virtual user that serves as a sort of work queue and owns a case until someone assigns it to themselves. Give it all of the email addresses (comma separated) of the users you want notified when a case is assigned to create a notification list.


A community user cannot view or edit cases and does not use up a license. It can be granted access to wikis and discussion groups on your site.

Administrators can configure users under Admin | Users. They can move a user between these four types, configure their settings and set their project, wiki and discussion group permissions (through the use of Groups).