FogBugz 7 Online Help

RSS Feeds

FogBugz publishes RSS feeds, allowing you to use an RSS aggregator to receive notifications, so you can keep up to date on changes to your filter without opening your web browser. FogBugz supports RSS version 2.0.

Note: An RSS ("Really Simple Syndication") reader or aggregator is a program that checks with a bunch of websites to see if there's anything new there, and shows you a list of new items on all the sites in one central location. That way you don't have to visit sites that haven't added anything new since the last time you looked. Many websites, including popular news websites and most weblogs, publish RSS feeds so that RSS aggregators can find out if anything new has appeared.


FogBugz creates an RSS feed automatically whenever you save a filter. For the RSS link, go to the More menu at the top right of the case list page. The link also appears in the Manage Saved Filters screen. You will see a little orange RSS link next to every saved filter. Copy the link location into your favorite RSS aggregator.

Note: Some RSS readers may not support cookies, making it impossible for them to keep you logged on to FogBugz. To work around this problem, you will need to append your user name and password to the end of your feed link manually:

FogBugz generated URL&sEmail=email&sPassword=password

If FogBugz is set up to use LDAP authentication, the password to use will be the non-LDAP password set in FogBugz before LDAP authentication was enabled.

You can also subscribe to a single bug using RSS, which will notify you as that bug changes, just as subscribing by email would. Simply enter the URL of the bug itself in your RSS aggregator, which will automatically discover the URL of the RSS link for that bug. The URL of bug number 1234 is http://fogbugz/?1234 where fogbugz is your main FogBugz URL.


To subscribe to a wiki article, find the little orange RSS link on the page. Copy the link location into your favorite RSS aggregator. The RSS link must be included in the wiki's template using the template field $rsslink$.

Discussion Groups

You can subscribe to an RSS feed for a discussion group which will list all new topics posted to the group. To do so, view the group or any topic in it. Find the little orange RSS link at the top-right of the page. Copy the link location into your favorite RSS aggregator.